The Insanity of the Tar Sands

Filled with stunning, sobering images, I have not seen a better presentation on the tar sands than this TEDx video by Garth Lenz. Every single one of us needs to understand what is happening with this extreme form of fossil fuel extraction and take action to stop this energy abomination. Watch at least the first ten minutes if you are at all able to. It will blow your mind. Do we really need energy so badly as to allow the dirtiest energy project on the planet to destroy the future for our children and all life on Earth? Seriously. No exaggeration. It may be happening in Canada, but it will affect us all. If the tar sands continue, we are literally committing suicide as a species. This MUST be stopped. It is so insane and absolutely unacceptable. What are we doing to the beauty and brilliance of the Earth? It breaks my heart…

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