About Lisa Bardack

IMG_2355After many years of work and study in the environmental field, I have chosen to focus on writing and educating for a better world because it is profoundly evident to me that the human species must develop a mutually-enhancing relationship to the extraordinary planet on which we reside. We need to recognize that the Earth is alive and in need of critical repair. We need to change our ways of living on the Earth, to cultivate and not contaminate, to nurture and not destroy. It is my hope that my words will serve to evoke changes in heart and action in the context of our everyday lives for the sake of a safe and viable future – for the sake of the children, human and other-than-human, present and future, who deserve to inherit and experience an inspiring and promising world.


The following is my professional background:

Lisa Bardack is a writer and environmental educator currently focused on the moral consequences inherent in unconventional forms of fossil fuel extraction.  She is on the speakers bureau for Interfaith Power and Light, educating people in places of faith about high-volume, slickwater hydraulic fracturing — the natural gas extraction process more commonly known as fracking — and the ethical dilemma fracking poses, as more and more evidence points to the fact that fracking is contaminating water, air and citizens.

Lisa Bardack began her career in video and audio post-production, working for almost a decade in production management and marketing for such facilities as Henninger Media Services. She later served as a media associate with the Benton Foundation which worked to bring together government, nonprofit and corporate leaders to explore and develop the use of communications technologies in solving social problems. Lisa entered the field of environmental advocacy at The Wilderness Society. After working there in program development and grant-writing, she played a pivotal role organizing a retreat for over 40 national Green Group environmental organization directors and vice presidents to explore organization values and how to implement these values into mission and message.

Lisa also served as U.S. Coordinator for the Earth Charter, an international civil society document that defines the necessary principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society. She served as liaison for the Earth Charter at the first preparatory meeting for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held at the United Nations, as well as at additional WSSD preparatory meetings in the national non-profit community.

As a consultant, Lisa worked with the president of the Institute for Ethics and Meaning to crystallize ideas and create an initial proposal for the first national Earth Charter Community Summits. She also helped the Center for Respect of Life and Environment to develop a fundraising strategy for the Earth Charter International Campaign, and also organized a public event in Washington, DC, featuring David Crosby as part of the Earth Charter conference in April 2000.

After moving to Baltimore, Maryland to start a family, Lisa directed the Renaissance Summer Program at the Living Classrooms Foundation, an academic enrichment program for Baltimore County Title I Public School students that provided hands-on, experiential learning activities in science, math, social studies and language arts. As a volunteer, she assisted the Living Classrooms Foundation’s Frederick Douglas After School Program and Parks and People Foundation’s KidsGrow Program to gain experience working with at-risk youth in programs that focus on ecology and the arts. She also assisted Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and the Irvine Nature Center’s Community T.I.E.S. program, which involved students, teachers and members of the community working together to improve the environment on school grounds.

9 responses to “About Lisa Bardack

  1. I was really inspired by what you had to say. I’m so tired of reading works by people that are only served by self interest. All I can say is ‘thank you’!

  2. You have great articles! I just nominated your for The Sunshine Award!

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  4. People of the world fail to realize that God put us here not only to enjoy the fruits of His labor, but also to preserve and protect the earth. Thank you for the time and effort you devote to the cause and for reminding us of our duty and obligation to the environment. You are truly and angel!

  5. Please remain honest regarding HRC condition. That would be morally courageous which I know you are. Thank you for making the world a better place. Beppy. http://www.TherapistCare.com. (psychogenic seizure spec.)

    • Hi, Beppy. I am not Hillary Clinton’s doctor. I share her name. I would think my blog would make that clear, but I am guessing many are not reading the content of my blog posts. I never wanted to be a doctor. It’s not my thing. I am, however, very interested in health; in the role dirty energy is playing in wreaking havoc on our health; and in the role clean air, clean water, safe food, etc. plays in the promise of good health, especially the health of children, who have no say in the matter and for whom I write.

  6. Ok, I doubt very much I would have remembered your name, but I saw a headline regarding Clinton’s Dr. I believe we worked together in the late 80’s at a company called Pro-Fax?

  7. Lisa, Thank you very much for your communication. Your words begin to describe the feelings of many. You have talent, skill and ability to convey the wisdom of generations. You plant the seeds of understanding. You inspire others to do something, anything, as much as possible to join with others to protect our water and our land. You remind us that nature is our birthplace, our home, and there is nothing without it.

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