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Is Cheap Natural Gas Worth Poisoning Children?

Is cheap natural gas worth poisoning children?  It’s a question we all need to answer truthfully.  Especially when it comes from the mouths of children themselves.

I met Devon Haas at the Stop the Frack Attack rally in Washington, DC.  She is a beautiful eight-year-old-girl who was out in the blazing heat with her sign, fully present to do her part to stop the insanity of fracking.  She lives in Pennsylvania, where fracking is taking over at lightening speed.   Accidents and spills abound, contaminating water and air.  The gas industry will not own the contamination they are causing, but they do own the governor and the Department of Environmental Protection.

Devon makes clear the obligation we have as a society to stop the destruction of the planet and get serious about renewable energy.  How can we do otherwise? How can we not do our part to make sure the water she drinks and the air she breathes are safe?  We are the caretakers of their future, and the future is now.


Devon is currently involved in Kids of the Gulf, a documentary film in progress that features two kids – Devon and Devin – who are determined to have a positive impact in the Gulf coast region in the aftermath of the BP oil spill by telling the stories of the children affected by the spill.  She is also the founder of Kids Army Worldwide
, which connects tens of thousands of kids around the world together for environmental and social justice issues that matter most to kids today.

Soldiers and War, Water and Oil, Peace and Love

I recently heard a report on the Prime Minister of Japan’s decision to keep an American air base on the island of Okinawa. This was contrary to his pre-election position (imagine that) and sparked outrage in the people of Okinawa. Among the issues being expressed by a Japanese activist against the presence of the U.S. military on Okinawa was the sexual molestation and rape of young women on the island by U.S. soldiers (of course this does not apply to all soldiers).

I had a hard time digesting this information and found myself ruminating on it for some time. Aside from the fact that such behavior is absolutely unacceptable and criminal, I was thinking about what it is that allows a soldier to feel free to rape a 10 or 19-year-old Japanese girl. What is going on in his heart that he cannot see this other being as someone who deserves respect because she is another human being?

I began thinking further about the behavior of U.S. soldiers.   Continue reading

Lisa, You’re No Jon Stewart

Humor has always been an invaluable tool used to help humanity take in the often overwhelming issues and circumstances we face in modern society.  For this reason, I try my best to make sure it is in some form woven into my writing . Yet, here I am, feeling so not funny about what is going on in our world, feeling overwhelmed  and helpless to do anything about it.

Over a month later and oil is still hemorrhaging into the Gulf waters. Innocent children are being murdered by policemen in Detroit and by soldiers in Afghanistan. People are eating food filled with chemicals and pesticides and have no sense of urgency to eat otherwise. There is a plastic island twice the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Greed is tearing through this world causing foreclosures, pollution and a whole host of other things. How can I make any of this funny? It is so not funny.

Okay, let me give it a shot.   Continue reading