Seeds of Greed Part II

I am not a science experiment

I am shocked, outraged and frightened
Now enlightened
About the truth of genetically modified food
Food my child has ingested
Food that hasn’t been long-term tested
To be safe for human consumption
It’s a no-win situation
That is poisoning our nation
And the biotech companies don’t care
Preferring we be unaware

Tests conducted outside the biotech industry have shown
The damage is real and true
Rat’s testicles went from pink to blue
Their sperm damaged
And GMO cotton plants managed
To kill buffalo after three days of eating this stuff
And let’s face it
A buffalo is tough

Farm animals eating GM corn
Became sterile
Put innocently at peril
By the biotech industry
Injecting pesticide into the genes of a seed
Which becomes the food on which we feed
The only test done on humans has shown
That even when you stop eating GMOs
It stays in the body and continues to grow
That’s something I wish I didn’t know
It scares me so

Fertility isn’t by far the only damage being done
But it’s the one
I’m thinking of
Because I want my daughter who I love
To experience motherhood if she chooses to
Not have it taken away by people who
Would favor money over healthy children
Tell me
What kind of world do we live in?

Turns out the biotech industry
Is making the laws that keep them free
To contaminate the entire world
They go untested
While people are bullied to invest in
Their toxic seeds

In the early 90s the FDA warned of the danger
Soon after the government brought in their own food ranger
The attorney for Monsanto
Who then wrote the US policy on GMOs
I see how it goes
He wrote policy that declared
No studies on GMOs were required
That the companies who make the seeds would be hired
To determine if their own seeds are safe
This man went back to Monsanto
Became the VP
Then came back to be
The current FDA czar on food safety
Are you kidding me?

I hear people telling me
It’s too late
To change our fate
We can’t beat industry and government
Cause they are hell bent
On ignoring our well being
They’ve got a different way of seeing
All seem to be agreeing
That money makes the world go ‘round
Planting poison in the ground

I say this can’t be true
There is plenty we can do
If we come together
To tell them it isn’t alright
That we are willing to fight
For food that’s safe to eat
That allows young generations to have a seat
At the table of their future
Where they all would concur
They want to live in a promising world
That honors life and the wisdom of the earth
A planet that knows how to give birth
To food that’s meant to be consumed
Not bring about our doom

We can insist that all food have a label
So what ends up on our table
Isn’t genetically modified
With a label it’s harder to hide
Then with our purchasing power
They’ll be forced to change
For want of money all the same
But still they won’t be able to play this insane game

Stand up and say no
Let them know that you know
We won’t be guinea pigs for the biotech industry
Extinguish this moral irresponsibility
Stop the seeds of greed

** For excellent information on GMOs by expert Jeffrey Smith, click on “The Big GMO Cover-Up” under my links. To sign the petition to insist that GM food be labeled, click on the link “GMO Labeling Petition.”

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