Seeds of Greed

I am not a science experiment

GMOs are on the rise
Sweeping the planet before our eyes
Causing harm that will arise
In our children
The future’s prize

I say we can stop this mess
Say we won’t allow success
To corporations who choose to poison
The precious lives of girls and boys in
Which the promise of tomorrow
Is all too tainted with unnecessary sorrow

These corporations do the research
That tells us that their seeds are fine
That it’s safe to dine
On mutated food
We won’t be fooled
Stand up and say no
To those who make these seeds
These seeds of greed
On which they feed

Don’t purchase what they sell
And make sure to tell
Government officials we aren’t buying it
We see the lies in it
We saw what happened with Phillip Morris
Telling us that cigarettes were good for us
Now here come the GMO seeds

Take the lead
Stop destructive greed
These seeds can’t be
In our history
Not this time
No more crime
Against humanity
By corporations who worship the dollar
Unregulated squalor

Poisoning people has no place
In the human race
It’s a disgrace
Plant the seeds for future generations
Across all nations
Stop the seeds of greed

One response to “Seeds of Greed

  1. Love it!! Great rhymes and info. I love the title, and rhyme of “poison” and “girls and boys in.” Powerful!

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